Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gingerbread House Nov. 24th

We had so much fun making this Gingerbread house!! This was our first one we've done. We are no experts but I have to say it turned out pretty dang good! The kids had a good time making it and it was messy but it was worth it. This will have to be a new tradition, to make a gingerbread house every year!!!

Lake Mountain Nov. 16th

We took a ride up to Lake Mountain...which is kinda by our house...we rode up to the very top and to all the different towers and saw lot of pretty views. Here's Jason and the kids with Utah Lake behind them. Our first stop. It was a fun little ride and the kids had a lot of fun too. We like to do stuff like that.

Belle and daddy checking out the scenery..Utah Lake with Saratoga Springs (the little town by the lake.)

Easton, Belle and Ariel cheesin for the picture..Utah Lake behind them.

Jason and I with Timpanogos behind us...

Ohhh...I love to kiss his cute face!! Couldn't help myself!!! haha

Jason and the kids going to check something out...It was a cute kodak moment.

Mt. Timpanogos with snow on the caps. If you look at it closely, the story is a Princess sleeping on her back..you can see her..The whole top is the Princess...I dont know the tale...it just looks cool.

Just looked pretty with the lower layer of clouds.

Here's Eagle Mountain!!!

Here's Eagle Mountain again. If you look closely there is a little square of houses on the left side of the pic and thats our neighborhood!!!! It's nice having our own little neighborhood by itself.

Mt. Nebo..Jason's favorite mountains...they are more near Nephi, so to the south.

Giving Jasmine A Bath

Here's the kids giving Jasmine a bath. They think it's so funny to watch her hating getting a bath. They get sopping wet everytime they bathe her cause she jumps out every chance she gets and they can't keep her in the tub. It's funny to hear them laughing and having fun doing it, eventhough Jasmine hates it!

Ariel asleep on stairs

This was funny. She was so tired cause she didn't get a nap this day. I went to go check on her casue I thought she was playing upstairs and she was asleep in the middle of the stairs! It was so cute! She's so funny. We had to capture this moment and share it cause its so adorable!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Pictures November

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dino Museum 2008

Dinosour Museum Nov.7th

Belle got to choose anywhere to go because she got great "grades" in school!! Shes doing so well so she decided she wanted to go to the Dinosour Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had a ton of fun as you will see from the pictures. On the top ones is me and Jason lovin on a dino together. Then Jason loving on it..hehe...then there was a huge shark we stood in front of. Scary stuff! Easton was a little scared of it as you can see from the pic on the bottom. Hes so funny!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Belle's 3rd lost tooth!!!

Here is Belle showing off her third tooth she lost. Its the bottom one. Shes so cute without teeth..I cant believe we are already to this age..its gonna be Easton before we know it!! The tooth fairy came and gave her $5!! Holy crap, I remember when I got a quarter!! Man the tooth fairy is awesome!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween School Parties

Here are the kids at thier school Halloween parties. Belle had an awesome parade and all the kids walked out in their costumes. She had a lot of fun. Jason embarassed her though being loud and saying he wanted his picture with Gabriella and acting funny and totally embarassed her...it was pretty funny. She looked so cute!!!
Easton's school had a little party and they sang songs and made treats!! They made cute little spider cookies out of oreos and pull apart licorice. They were so cute and fun!!! He was a cute little train!!


Here are our Halloween pics!! In the first one is of Belle with the anticipation of going out and trick-or-treating..I thought it was too cute and had to take a picture of it!! We finally went out at 6:30 and didn't get done until like 8:30 or so!!! They got the hook up on the candy for sure...it better last!!! haha....Belle was Gabriella from High School Musical, Easton was Thomas The Train and Ariel was a Princess. It was a lot of fun taking the kids out and seeing them have so much fun. Even Ariel was so excited and kept saying " mom, I love Halloween...I like Halloween". She'd knock on the doors and say "trick-or-treat." Shes getting to be so grown up and such a cute little personality. Belle just looked too old and Easton too cute. They all had a blast and so did I!! Jason made it home kinda late but caught up for the last of it so he got to enjoy some of the kids' excitement too..eventhough they were more pooped by that time. It was a great Halloween!!!

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