Monday, September 28, 2009

Eastons 5th Birthday at Grandma Kelseys

We made this cake since he already had his cool Cars cake for his friend party. We forgot to get candles and this was all Grandma had and Easton thought it was funny!! So that makes a great memory!!

Excited for his presents!!

Grandpa Kelsey gave him a headband for thought it was funny

Blowing kisses to Grandpa for the present

Greg and Amber gave him these awesome cars!!

Awesome footie pjs!! He loves footie pjs!!!

Making a huge mess with the wrappings!!!

He wasnt expecting that!!!

Got the pinata open!!

Belle with her winnings!!

Ariel posing with her candy

They liked the pinata for their party hats

So did Ashie!!
Getting soooooo excited for his new remote cars!! He would laugh so hard when the cars would drive off the track.

Ariel hanging on Uncle Greg!

Getting the track out of the box! The start of a lot of construction

Family Reunion~Cedar City

This was our Kelsey family reunion in July. Sorry its taken so long to get pics on here!! Man Ive been slacking!! We had a great time!!! The kids got camera happy as soon as we got there! They are so adorable and were so excited to go camping with cousins! The weather was a little rainy but for the most part it was good! Not too hot or cold. Not too many bugs either. It was a good spot and we had a lot of fun!!

Our Happily Ever After Years

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