Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Easton's Tonsilectomy Slide

Eastons Tonsilectomy

Heres Easton on July 1st. He had to get is tonsils and adnoids out!! He looked sooooo freakin adorable!! He was ok, then when he woke up it was the saddest thing ever. Poor baby...but he is so much better now. So it was definatly a good thing. Scary but good.

Circus in Hermiston

Here we are in Hermiston at the Circus, June 2008. We are waiting for it to start. There's cute Makena too!! That was a lot of fun for the kids...thanks Karen for taking us!!!

Easton in Oregon

Here's Easton at Aunt Karen's house in Oregon. This was our trip June 2008. I can't believe its been and gone so fast already!! Crazy!! He is just too cute I couldn't resist taking his picture!! He had so much fun and asks all the time "when are we going to Makenas?"...I wish I knew...at least they are coming in a couple days!! Yeah!!!

On our way to Oregon

We went to Oregon this summer, June 2008, and spent 8 days. We got to ride in Uncle Darens motorhome since they were up here visiting and it was so nice. They had their dogs that Belle just loves and Jessie and Kylee were there so the kids were easily entertained. Thanks so much for the ride guys...we love you!!!

Belle dancing in front of mirror

It worked!!! I love this ...shes so cute!! Sorry its sideways but you get the idea. I was just going through our pictures and found these....they were sometime at the beginning of Summer...I love it!!!

Catching mom catching Belle

She totally caught me catching her...danget!! Holy Crap her rooms a MESS!!! Sorry everyone!!

Ariel & Ashley at Bday Party

Here's Ariel at her bday party with her favorite cousin "Ashie"!!

Ariels Birthday Pizza

Here's Ariel shoving pizza in her face...hehe...this is sucha cute picture of her....She always just wants to have pizza for lunch and dinner everyday!!! What a cutie!!

Ariels Birthday Party

Ariels birthday party was April 27th 2008. She turned 2!! We had a Spongebob party at Grandma Kelseys house. Spongebob is defintaly her favorite! She looked so cute!! I still can't believe shes 2...although she sure acts like it..hehe.

Family Spring 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Belle Breanna Kelsey

Belle Spring 2008----5

Easton Gregory Kelsey

Easton Spring 2008---3 years

Ariel Leisl Kelsey

Ariel Spring 2008---Almost 2

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