Monday, June 15, 2009

New Blog & Site!! and

Ive got two other sites for all my craftiness Ive had lately. lol...thanks for checking it out everyone!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun With Karen, Makena & Mom

Karen and I took the girls to Kangaroo Zoo and let them jump their hearts out! Easton was with Jason at the annual boys campout with Grandpa Kelsey, so it really was just us girls!! Its fun to see them have so much fun since they dont get to see Makena that much!! It was a lot of fun and we sure miss those guys!!!

After Kangaroo Zoo we went and got some Thai food! Oh it was yummy!! We were definatly hungry after all that jumping around!! Karen got me hooked on Thai food, at least the sticky rice and Cashew Chicken!! YUMMM!!!

Since Karen came up to kind of be here for my Birthday, I thought it would be fun for Karen, Mom and I to go to a taping of Good Things Utah!! It was awesome to see how it works and meet the ladies! I love this show and try to watch it everyday!!! It was a blast, I definatly want to go again! They have such great stuff and great ideas!! I sure hope mom and Karen had fun too!! Karen also took me out to dinner and we went shopping while my wonderful mother watched the kids for a few so we could go have some time! Thanks mom!! I really needed that and it was a great birthday gift! Thank you so much for coming you guys!! I hope we can get down there soon!! We love you!!!

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