Monday, July 20, 2009

Stampede Videos

Fun at the Stampede!!


Stampede Parades & Carnival

4th Of July 09

We went to Nehpi for the 4th of July and we went up to Delta for the parade, the kids got tons of candy and had so much fun with cousins!! Afterwards we went back to Nephi and went to the carnival!! They had so much fun with cousins there too!! Then the kids got some cool prizes and got their hair painted and faces painted and even got to dunk Uncle Greg and Daddy in to the dunk tank!!! Easton thought that was the coolest thing ever!! It was a great time, a definate for next year!!!

Taking New Durango Home!!

I guess we never took a picture of the outside!! But here we are inside getting ready to leave the dealership. The kids got wireless earphones and they had to watch a movie on the way home!! Man is it nice to have a 3rd row!! I LOVED my Jeep but there was just not enough room!! But now I LOVE my Durango!! Its so nice!!!

Picnic with Grandma & Grandpa Kelsey

Cousin Jessie came to stay with us so she got to tag along on our picnic with gma and gpa!

This was Fathers Day, we went and met Grandma and Granpa Kelsey to have a picnic and let the kids play at the park! It was great to just go relax and have a good meal. We actually ended up giving our leftovers to a homeless guy that was camped out by us..Im sure thats why he was, but it was nice to help him out. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!


Ariel's swimmer hairdo!! I was trying to do something cute so her hair would stay our of her face, and ours, while we were swimming! Cute eh?!

We went swimming and I tried to get a pic with all three of us girls so I did my had so much fun and the kids love it!!

Easton and Spidermonkey are BFF"S!!! hehe


Pony Express Days Parade

This was at the Pony Express Days in Eagle Mountain. Belle was in the parade for her cheer class!! Easton and Ariel gathered all the candy and Ariel got a pretty princess headband!! Grandma and Grandpa Kelsey came up too since Easton had a T-Ball game right after the was a lot of fun!!

Another Cheer Recital

Those were before the recital, she wanted to show off her tricks!

Here are pictures during the recital, I was still trying to figure out my camera so they are a little fuzzy. I HATE the background they chose, how retarded and busy is that?!??!

Grandma and Grandpa Kelsey came to watch her and shes getting gpa loves!

Had to show daddy loves!!! So cute!!!

Our Happily Ever After Years

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