Friday, October 24, 2008

Easton and "Jazzy Pooppins"

Here is Easton and Jasmine waiting for Belle to get out of school...It was too cute I had to hurry and catch it!! Whoops...I guess I should make sure of shadows in the future...hehe...ah well they are still soooo cute!!

Eastons Fauxhawk Mohawk

Here's Easton being so cute with is hairdo, getting ready to go to school today, October 24th!! He always says "mommy spike it up high" when I do his hair in the mornings. Hes gonna be fashionable when he gets older!!! Hes so handsome!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ariel and her Comforts

I took this picture of Ariel today and thought it was too cute!! Shes my little baby girly!! Shes got her two comforts that she takes everywhere; her thumb and her blanky!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Belle's Camp Rock Party W/Friends

Belle's party on October 18th with some of her friends. We didnt plan very good becaues we planned it on a holiday weekend and didnt realize it so a lot of her friends were out of town...darn, but it was still a good turnout. We did painting and made bracelets and necklaces and then did face painting. Im not the best in the world but I did my best. Then we went down in the basement and did a guitar pinata and Trevin hit it open and he was like after Belle!! Se we had to try to put the sting through the top of it so the other kids could all have a turn. It was pretty funny. Then they played High School Musical Sing It on the Wii and then they all went home. I had a hard time though cause some kids just drive me insane and so I have to control it and have tons of patience. Especially with one or two of the girls, but what you wont do for your kids. It was a pretty good party and they all had fun thankgoodness. Cant wait for next year...HA!!

Belle's CAMP ROCK Party!!!

This is Belle's party on October 18th with her friends which was a Camp Rock party. I couldn't find a Camp Rock Cake for the life of me so we had to get a Guitar shaped one made of cupcakes. It turned out okay. It was a fun party.

OH NO!! Not Underwear!!!!

AHH CRAP I GOT UNDERWEAR!! Is what Belle's thinking!! She was so is pretty hiliarious...she still hasn't showed them was cute..priceless.

Bad Family Pics!!!!

Here are some of the most terrible family pics we've ever had!!! LOL!!!! These were taken at Belle's party at Grandmas house, but Belle didnt want to take pictures anymore so she was fighting and so I was trying to talk to her but smile and Ariels got her hands in her face while Easton is just making funny faces and Jason is the only one who looked good at all!!! Oh well...maybe we'll have to take some more...hehe.

Belle's Birthday Party at Grandma Kelseys

Here we are at Grandma Kelseys house on Oct. 16th to celebrate Belle's 6th Birthday!!! It was a lot of fun...Doreen, Ashley, Angie, Travis, Tyrel, Kelly, Unlce Greg and Aunt Amber and of course Grandma and Grandpa Kelsey were all there!!! She got a lot of great presents and of course most of the clothes came from mom and dad...haha...its what she needed. Thanks everyone who came and made this so special for her!! She really appreciated it and had a ton of fun with all of you!!! Thanks again!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Belle's 6th Bday @ Gma K's

Here we are at Grandma Kelsey's (Tia, Belle and Gma K) on Oct. 16th for Belle's family party. She was sure excited that she was getting TWO Birthday Parties!!! She definatly got more than spoiled!!!! But shes worth every penny!!! I can't believe shes 6!!!!! Shes gonna be moving out before we know it...haha

Belle's FIRST haircut!!!

Here is a picture of Belle's hair after I cut it!!! This is important cause this is her first OFFICIAL haircut in 6 years!!!! It was sad but it needed it soooo bad!! We can actually do something with it!! It was just so dead at the ends cause it was past her bum!!! It is much more healthy and she loves it!! I love it cause its not a fight every morning for school!!! She actually wanted it to her chin but I shot that one down REAL quick!!! Maybe someday we'll try but not now..I love her long hair!!!

Snow Day!!! In October!!!

Here's Belle and Jasmine out on our first snow day!! It was October 12th!! Ohh man, thats way too soon...haha...but the kids LOVED IT of course!!!

Here's Easton outside on the snow day with snot coming out his nose since it was so stinkin cold!!! hahaha...thats too funny...what a cute little guy!!!

Cornbellys Oct. 8th

Here we are at Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. Its a huge cornmaze with tons of stuff for the kids to do!!! The kids had a blast as you could tell from all the pics. We went with some friends so the kids had a lot more fun!! It got too cold to stay and go through the maze so we just did all the little kids things. The especially liked the big slides...they stayed on those forever!! It was a lot of fun and definatly something we'll do next year as a family as well!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Disney Cougs!!

Even the Princesses are BYU Cougar Fans!! You know they're good!!! Just had to throw that in there for fun!!!

Chuck E Cheese October 4th

Here we are at Chuck E Cheese with Karen and Makena when they came to visit October 4th...they were here for a few days and the kids, and I had so much fun!!! We hated to see them go..thats always so sad!!! But we had so much fun!! Thanks for coming guys!!!! Come again soon!!! lol!!

Karen and Makena eating

Belle and Ariel eating and playing with the coins to go have fun with!!!

Riding a fun ride!!!

Playing fun games and eating yummy pizza!!!!

Easton and Ariel riding one of the free rides...hehe...we are so cheap..raising the kids well...haha.

Easton & Ariel's Chickawhowhows

After watching Alvin and the Chipmunks they are ALWAYS doing the Chickawhowhow with thier bums...its so cute

Family BBQ at Dean and Lorrie's Sept. 26th

Here's all three of my cute babies waiting to eat some yummy dinner!!!!

Here is an awesome picture that I took...yes it is good isn't Dean and Lorrie's backyard at the bbq on September 26th.

Here's Grandpa Kelsey at the BBQ at Dean and Lorrie's on September 26th 2008. What a handsome devil!!It was yummy!! Thanks guys!!!

Belle Riding Two Wheels

Here's Belle riding her bike for the first time. She taught herself!! She wouldn't let me or Jason help wtith holding the bike...shes totally self taught!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Easton's 4th Birthday

Easton celebrated his 4th Birthday at Grandma Kelsey's house! He had a Thomas the Train party as you can see from the hats...Here is cute little cousin Kholie...

Here is Easton showing us how many he is....
Here is Mommy and Daddy...Daddy with crazy eyes lol....hes still cute!!!!

Here is cousin Ashley with Ariel..................................Here is Belle with her hat on............

Here is Easton on his real birthday...he got an awesome fishy balloon!!!

Family Reunion 2008

Here are some pics of the family reunion!! That was a great trip!! We all had a blast!!! Thanks so much for all the fun!! Cant wait for next year!!!

Look how cute these two are!! I sure hope they are great friends!!

Yummy dinner!!! Belle just loves Katherine to death!!!

Here's Ariel and and Belle the first night being entertained by the nice!!!

Pitching a Tent With Daddy

More tent fun with daddy!! Better get them started while they're young!!! =)

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