Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vegas Bowl Dec 09

Wendy trying to help Ariel be brave through the car wash

Ben and Wendy with Spongebob in Vegas!

Ohhhh how I love Spongebob!!

Jason and I with Spongebob!! Whats he looking at?!?! lol

The M&M Factory in Vegas..this isnt even half of the M&M's on the wall!!!!

Jason loves the Green M&M's (*wink*) so I thought Id pose with her

Jason and I at the M&M 3D movie!! Hey...it was free!!!

Ben and Wendy at the M&M movie with us!!
Outside the stadium before BYU played!! Man!! It was COLD!!!!

Trying to be funny in the freezing cold wind!!!

The flag before the game with the soldiers holding it. The wind blew so hard that the BYU players (not the Oregon ones, go figure) went and helped hold the flag since it was so heavy in the wind.
Jason and Ben made it down to the front row! So he got good pics of the players

The kids' favorite....COSMO
BYU Cougarettes

Jason with one of the players
One of the players, after the game. They ran on the field

Our hotel room view! Pretty good eh?

A saying Jason wrote on our Durango, since that whole speech that Max Hall gave after the Utah game.

Another window shot that Jason did

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