Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

This was the Ward Halloween Party. Im in the activities commitee so we did a costume contest. It was a lot of fun...we did a trunk or treat too!!

Ariel's school party

Trick or treating!!!

Miley Cyrus/Belle's Birthday

Belles birthday party on October 16th!! She had a lot of friends come and it was a good time!! They played stick the nose on the pumpkin, bobbed for apples and then went trick or treating around the neighborhood!!! Wasnt her cake adorable!!!! She got spoiled!! I still cant believe shes 7!!!

Belle got to go to Miley Cyrus for her big bday present! It was fun, but it ended up that Miley was sick with the flu and she ran off stage after like the 2nd song. She wasnt performing her best so I know it could have been better, but it was still good and fun!! Belle really enjoyed it!! We didnt tell her that she was going, she had to figure it out when we got there. It was cute to see how happy she was when she figured it out.

Our Happily Ever After Years

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Our Belle

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Our Easton

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Our Ariel

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