Monday, April 27, 2009

Belle's "Real "Cheer" Recital April 09

Belle's calls this her "real cheer"! This was her first real cheer recital! She did awesome!!! She yelled and everything! Grandma and Grandpa Kelsey and Amber came and watched her! It was a lot of fun! We went to Cafe Rio afterwards and had a yummy dinner! Thats becoming her new favorite place! Shes just like her mom! haha! I have a video but not on my computer yet! I will post it asap! Then you can get the whole experience with us!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo!!!

Kangaroo Zoo is a way fun place we took the kids for the first time this month!! It has a bunch of huge blow up bouncy jumpers. Most had huge slides you had to climb up to and at first Easton was a little intimidated by it but once Belle got him to go down one he was hooked!! They didnt want to leave!! That was a great place that Im sure will be visited often!! Wouldnt it be fun to be a kid again!


Easton and his friend Kaden getting ready for the easter egg hunt to begin!

Ariel finding eggs
Ariel finding eggs
Belle finding eggs
Easton during the easter egg hunt
Belle finding eggs
Belle doing the easter egg hunt
Belle during the easter egg hunt
Easton and Grandma Kelsey after the easter egg hunt.
Easton checking out all his candy after the easter egg hunt
Ariel's candy after the easter egg hunt
Ariel being a bunny, very Coloring easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide
Easton showing off his easter egg he colored
Belle coloring easter eggs
Ariel coloring easter eggs
Ariel's bunny she got from Grandma Kelsey! She loves it!!
Easton's bunny he got from Grandma Kelsey! He Loves it!!
Belle's bunny that she got from Grandma Kelsey! She Loves it!!
Belle's stash

Belle seeing her new bike from the Easter Bunny
Easton's playdough set from the Easter Bunny! Ariel's new baby "Pony Tales" from the Easter Bunny!
Belle searching for Easter Eggs the the Easter Bunny hid..haha
Eastons Easter goodies!
Belles easter candy and eggs she found!
Belle riding her new bike!

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