Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belle's New Cheer Class Feb 25 th

We FINALLY found a real cheer class for Belle. Her first day was yesterday the 25th. They got right into it. It was so cute. Shes in the pink shirt on the left side in the second row. This is as close as I could get but you can see her. It was cute cause they had to yell and everything. Jumps and all. So this is going to be good. Shes excited cause she will get to cheer at games and be a "real cheerleader"! The other class was more dancelike so shes way excited to do this one instead. Just had to share how cute it is!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ariel's Potty Training Success!!!

Ariel's been potty training for about 2 1/2 weeks now and shes doing awesome! Shes got the peeing down great, just the poopin needs a little more work. haha..So here she is going potty and wiping her own bum..always nice...then getting a prize from the potty bag!! Im so excited to have all the kids out of diapers!!! Now that money will go somewhere else, but hey...not diapers!! Ahhh what a relief it will be do be all done!!! Im so proud of her!!! Shes so cute anyway that I had to share the potty pics with everyone!! =)


This was Valentines night when the kids got their Valentines from the Valentine Fairy. The doorbell rang and there were three envelopes with cards that had Disney on Ice tickets for next month!!! They were all excited. Belle mostly, since we took her to the Princess on Ice shes wanted to go back so we are going!!! Yeah!! Its so fun to watch their little faces light up and be so excited!! I love these kids so much!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swimming Party

We got to go to a birthday party at the Legacy Center in Lehi. It was a lot of fun. We went to the party and had yummy cupcake cones and did the fun party stuff then we got to go swimming! The water was 90 degrees and the kids had so much fun! Ususally we only stay for like a half an hour cause the kids get cold but we ended up staying for two hours just in the pool! Uncle Greg and Aunt Amber came with us and we couldnt have done it without them!! They are such great help and the kids LOVE to have them there! There was a big green slide and Ariel went down it twice and Easton went down in once. It is pitch dark but way fun! This was a great day full of fun!! Thanks again Greg and Amber!!! We'll have to do that again soon!!

Belles Stegosaurous Project

This is Belles Model of the Stegosaurous for her school report. She did a dinosaur out of cupcakes and it turned out really good. Shes a crafty little girl! Shes growing up too fast!!!

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