Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Cheer

Ariel wants to be like big sister!
Sorry there are more pics but they all turned out blurry since I hadnt figured out the camera by

Texas Trip~~BYU Game

The winning touchdown!
After the game

The winning score!

After they won!
BYU game against Oklahoma

This was a huge coaster that went 85 mph!! It was fun but we could only ride it once, it was crazy and messed with your head!!

This was the Batman was my favorite!!!

This is the Six Flags guy you see on the commercials

got our picture with John Wayne!!! Wahoo!! He totally look and sounded just like him! They did a gunfight in the middle of the street. It was cool.

Bonnie Parkers grave(Bonnie and Clyde)..we didnt understand why her grave would have this saying...wierd

Clyde Barrows grave..(Bonnie and Clyde)

The School Book Depository, where Kennedy was shot from the third floor window

The "X" shows the spots where Kennedy was shot. There was the first and second so two shots.

This is the hill that is talked about where there are sceptics that say a third shot was shot at Kennedy.

The enterance to take a tour of how they make money! It was awesome to see how its made and the process it goes through. We saw a stack of a million dollars in $5 bills. That was crazy!!

Texas State Capitol
The sun setting in Texas

Soccer 09

Belle's #2 Easton's #6

Our Happily Ever After Years

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Our Belle

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Our Easton

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Our Ariel

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